Hassan Bfly: Self-Taught, Non-Prophetic Messenger of God

Hassan Bfly is the Self-Taught, Non-Prophetic Messenger of God. His claim to fame is being able to prove God is real but different from what people typically expect using common sense and math. The importance of such a message is as great as the founding of any ancient religion. He does not claim any supernatural source of information, magical powers, and ability to see into the future.

He relies on your ability to think critically and decide what is reasonable to prove his points. In the spirit of growth and understanding, he challenges any doubter or dissenter to refute his assertions. Truth should welcome and withstand honest and objective scrutiny, and Intellectual Righteousness is the only theological view that welcomes it while taking on the burden of proof.

Theology for the New Millennium: The Introduction of Intellectual Righteousness should be considered the scripture of this era. Read it and see for yourself. The two facts and opinion will convince you God exists and you shouldn’t need faith to believe it!