Musical Revelation - The EP

Musical Revelation – The EP is the hip hop debut by Hassan Bfly.  He proves that he is more than just an author and gives you an entertaining way to gain enlightenment.  The album features five songs that are sure to move your body as it uplifts your spirit.  The songs are:

  1. Ode to God
  2. Hello World (S.T.N.P.M.O.G.)
  3. Good Advice
  4. It Ain’t Personal
  5. Musical Revelation

You can stream them on Spotify and most other streaming platforms, watch the lyric videos on YouTube, or download them here or on iTunes.

Watch/Listen for Free

Go to YouTube to watch the lyric videos by Hassan Bfly.  You can learn the words as you listen to very inspirational rap music.

Stream on Spotify

  If you have Spotify, you can go there to stream Musical Revelation – EP at your convenience.

Download on iTunes

Get all your music on iTunes?  Click the link to purchase the EP as a whole or in singles.