GOD is to Reality what Zero is to Math

Even though there are multiple definitions for the word “god” and more versions of a god than can be counted, the common thread among those that claim there is only one is: God is the creator of the universe. Because of the limits in language and learning, descriptions of God include elements of what was created. This is supposed to help people relate to God or imagine the reality, but it causes confusion. The atheists are good at pointing out the contradiction that must follow describing the creator in ways that fit the created.

By definition, a creator would not be made of, dependent on, or limited by anything created. Since God is supposed to be the creator of all, get rid of everything and you’re left with just God. If theology wasn’t a part of the conversation, everyone would conclude you would be left with “nothing“. Of course, that doesn’t sound like something worthy of praise or high esteem, especially since people say “something is better than nothing”.

That’s why Intellectual Righteousness uses math to make its point by using the analogy: God is to reality what zero is to math.

Simply recall the lesson on absolute value or look objectively at zero within math, and you will see zero does everything in math that God is supposed to do in reality except meddle and throw temper tantrums. You will also see every godly attribute would apply to zero except those that imply emotions or other human-like qualities. The reality is so different from any expectations or previous versions of God, theists and atheists alike will try to deny it. Any attempt at rejection will result in contradiction though.

If you cannot remember absolute value, here is a short recap: The value of all numbers is determined according to their relation to zero. Positive and negative are opposite perspectives of an absolute reality. Zero is so necessary for the existence of all other numbers and math itself, you have to use it even if you’re unaware of it.

You can see how true this is when you realize: in order for there to be a first of anything, there must have previously been none. There is no exception or exemption to this, which implies everything that can be witnessed or measured, including what we need for our own existence and cognition (such as: space, time, matter, energy, and light) must have an origin that is immeasurable and cannot be perceived.

Theists will contradict their claims that God is the creator of all and is unimaginable with any attempt to reject the analogy, God is to reality what zero is to math. Atheists will contradict their claim of being logical if they try to conjure up a universe that has measurable components that supposedly have no beginning or end. Everyone seems to believe there is a singular origin for everything else. Fully applying math to reality without ignoring zero supplies that origin without any contradiction while giving just cause for our inability to witness or imagine it.

The only drawback to accepting the truth is the elimination of all the wonderfully imaginative and fantastic tales. That may seem boring, but once you get over losing your imaginary and super-powered best friend or arch-villain to full application of basic math and number theory, you’ll realize an absolute creator that has blessed you with perspective is a major upgrade. The inconsistent space ghost that picks and chooses who to bless or curse arbitrarily seems to do more damage than good. Fact is better than fiction.