Remember the Two Facts

Remembering the two facts, God is to reality what zero is to math and with God is Heaven or Hell, can improve your life is the lone opinion found within Intellectual Righteousness. Even when it is correct and based on facts, an opinion can not really be proven. This one can be experienced.

The goal of Intellectual Righteousness is to eliminate perception and imagination from the theological discussion while revealing the potential power of positive perspective through applying absolute value to all experiences. Understanding this basic mathematical concept and using it when contemplating God and reality is the key that unlocks amor fati without stoically numbing yourself to life’s pleasures.

In the process of learning about absolute value, we also learn positive and negative are opposing perspectives. The positive is ideal or desired. The negative is the opposite of what you want. By default, the absolute is viewed as positive. Keeping this fact in mind gives you the ability to turn whatever you witness, encounter, acquire, or experience into something beneficial regardless of how things may appear on the surface.

Of course, there are events so heinous that finding the benefit can be so difficult that it seems impossible. None are more dreaded than death itself or worse than Hell. Finding the power within yourself to find bliss in the worst possible predicament helps you gain the self-confidence to overcome anything else. It may not help you fully overcome the fear of dying, but it keeps you from worrying about death when you should be enjoying life though.

Instead of this numbing you to life’s pleasures, it allows you to freely savor them. Moreover, it intensifies your enjoyment because it gets rid of all the negative thought processes that hinders your ability to enjoy life. Accepting reality as is and absolutely allows you to achieve inner peace and self-mastery.