With GOD is Heaven or Hell

Understanding God is absolute would include knowing God has no opposite, equal, or peer. Just as God is the sole creator of all that we can witness or measure, God will be the sole destroyer of it all. The law of conservation confirms neither matter nor energy have the power to create or destroy. Death does not end any individual’s existence. Only returning to God can do that.

Intellectual Righteousness makes no claims about any event that may or may not take place from the moment of death until the end of individual existence. It stresses the importance of the end itself by focusing on the impact it will have on each person. Returning to God is to be present with the timeless and perfect reality that can only be defined by the absence of all else.

For those who see this reality as the absence of all the negativity that makes the good worth loving, it would total bliss. There would be no cause for fear, pain, stress, confusion, or dissatisfaction. There can be no better scenario in which total and permanent satisfaction can be achieved. The wonderful things that we enjoy in life would be totally useless, so there would be no cause to lament their absence.

For anyone who dreads the return to God because they view it as the absence of all the positivity that makes life worth living, it will be torment. Not only would a person’s favorite people or things be missing, but also any chances for substitution, distraction, or adjustment. There can be no worse scenario in which more pain can be felt. The figurative fire that burns but doesn’t kill gives us some context on how bad it must be.

The only room for doubt that anyone will experience the bliss or torment of their end of individual existence is the lack of proof that awareness is possible without a body. Matter is inert, which means it doesn’t start or end anything. The soul or whatever you want to call that which gives living beings self-interest and motivation is immaterial, yet it is fully aware all that is experienced in life. That alone is evidence that the body is not necessary for self-awareness.

The reality seems boring compared to the fictions meant to help us relate to Heaven and Hell, but it is really a vast improvement. Trying to imagine the fiction can lead to materialism and less appreciation for what you have in life. Besides, there is no benefit for any good unless there is also bad. Wishing for a luxurious Heaven misses the point. Fact is better than fiction.