Intellectual Righteousness


Using Common Sense and Math to Understand God

Intellectual Righteousness is called the thinking man’s religion because it uses common sense and math to prove God is real but different from what people typically expect.

The book, Theology for the New Millennium, introduces the philosophy with detailed and in-depth explanation.  Musical Revelation-The EP is the inspirational hip hop album that lays verses about our principles over beats that will make your body move.

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Our inability to witness God leads many people to believe any ideas about God are just opinions, so we introduce our founfing principles as facts in the hopes that you consider them long enough to realize you can’t argue against them…


The First Fact

This analogy is a brief summary of what Intellectual Righteousness is all about.  It gives context to a word with multiple meanings that get right to the essence of monotheism while using our most objective way of describing reality to comprehend and relate to a concept we cannot witness while we live…

The Second Fact

This statement highlights the absolute aspect of God in two ways.  First, it points out the easily overlooked fact that God must also be the destroyer of everything since God has no equal or opposite.  Then it describes the opposing perspectives of this event as being the worst-case scenario or the best thing to ever happen…


The One Opinion

Out of all the opinions held by our founder, the only one that is an integral part of Intellectual Righteousness is: Knowing, understanding, and remembering these two facts will improve your life…

Theology For The New Millennium


This book is worthy of being called the scripture for our time. It helps people get an understanding of God in a thought-provoking and previously unexplored way.  Hassan Bfly uses common sense and math to make the argument for God without ever appealing to faith or quoting any ancient books.

You can read it online for free or purchase it in paperback and digital formats.  We introduce the audio ebook.  It is an mp4 that allows you to real along as you listen to the book get delivered as the speech it was written to be.

Musical Revelation - The EP

If you like rap, this music will definitely move your body as it uplifts your soul.  Hassan Bfly continuously drops jewels about Intellectual Righteousness as he showcases his old-school hip hop flow.

The album can be previewed for free, purchased for download, or listened to on most major streaming platforms.

About the Author

Hassan Bfly is the Self-Taught, Non-Prophetic Messenger of God. His claim to fame is being able to prove God is real but different from what people typically expect using common sense and math. The importance of such a message is as great as the founding of any ancient religion. He does not claim any supernatural source of information, magical powers, and ability to see into the future.

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