Intellectual Righteousness is the thinking man’s religion. It is based on two facts and one opinion. Those two facts are God is to reality what zero is to math and with God is Heaven or Hell. The one opinion is you should remember those facts because it will improve your life.

You may be inclined to dismiss those first two statements as someone’s personal opinion since they differ from your beliefs and there is no way to refute them. That’s because it is easier to ignore truths that you aren’t ready to accept and dismiss them for personal reasons than it is to admit you were wrong in order to be right, especially when it comes to a subject as sensitive as what to believe about God.

Facts are things accepted as true because they can be proven. Since no other belief, doctrine, or ideology that deals with God asserts any facts, Intellectual Righteousness is unique in that it takes on the burden of proof. It doesn’t use our inability to witness God physically to say there is no creator at all or make claims that insult your intelligence. You can use good old-fashioned common sense and basic math to see the validity of the two facts. It would be a shame if you refused.

Just because intellectual Righteousness can back up any and all of its claims using things like the scientific method and logic, and it uses a few big words from time to time, does not mean you have to be a genius or highly educated in order to understand it. All you need is a mind open enough to give honest and objective scrutiny to ideas that you don’t agree with at first glance. Even if you were never really good at math, as long as you trust your own judgment and ability to understand things, the truth can be made clear.

The goal of Intellectual Righteousness is to eliminate perception and imagination from the theological discussion while revealing the potential power of positive perspective through applying absolute value to all that can be witnessed or experienced. It is the key that unlocks amor fati without stoically numbing yourself to life’s pleasures. Once you get over the shock of losing your imaginary and super-powered best friend or arch-villain, you’ll not only find that Heaven comes from within, but you’ll also know the formula to continuously attain it.

If you’re tired of having to choose between accepting things that don’t make sense in order to believe in God and be a good person or rejecting God totally in order to feel reasonable, Intellectual Righteousness may be what you’ve been looking for. It uses common sense and math to prove God is real but different from what you’d expect without ever appealing to faith or quoting any ancient scriptures

Intellectual Righteousness…Why? Because God exists and you shouldn’t need faith to believe it.