Chapter 5

Heaven and Hell

Contrary to popular belief, there is no judgement in which God is presiding to send you to Heaven or Hell. They are one and the same reality: that last moment of individual existence when we become one with Nothing. This meeting with God does not lead to a new reality. Uniting with the Timeless lasts an eternity from our perspective even though it would be unimaginably brief in reality.

Such an event should be a blessed occurrence for all. That’s the thing about perspective: it’s just as possible to ruin even the best of all possibilities when you have a negative perspective as it is to benefit from the worst of possibilities when you have a positive perspective. What should be Heaven could be Hell.

God is to reality what zero is to math. For the person with the wrong perspective, to be one with such a reality would be unpleasant, to say the least. While being in the presence of perfection and free from material needs, the person with the wrong perspective would focus on what’s missing, which in this case, would be everything. If you think it’s rough when you’re missing someone or something in life, just imagine how much worse it would be to be missing everything.

It may not seem so terrifying because we all have coping mechanisms and strategies to overcome loss. Even if you’re honest in the way you cope with hardship while you live, no adjustment is possible after you die. There is no mind to change or time for it if there were.

Needless to say, if you make it through life with lies and delusions, that missing mind just eliminated the possibility to lie to yourself anymore. Whatever would be felt in the beginning will be felt throughout. The pain of Hell is everlasting.

Because it seems easier to get over emotional pain than it is the physical, if I really wanted you to imagine and relate to how great the torment of Hell is, I would liken it to the emotional equivalent of being burned alive without the escape of death as a means of salvation.

I say this not because that is how the ancient religions describe Hell. I don’t know any pain worse than getting burned, but if you do, by all means, imagine that happening all over your body without the ability to die. The point is to evoke thoughts and feelings of the most excruciating pain without end so that learning this reality isn’t just theoretical or academic. It is the realest and most certain event to take place in our entire existence.

I seriously doubt that religious people really like my depiction of Heaven and Hell. I think too many of them are hoping for an abundance of new and improved versions of what you can get here as a reward for believing there is a God and following as many of the rules of their religion they are willing to accept.

If you’re religious and that depiction doesn’t apply to you, congratulations on not taking luxurious descriptions of Heaven literally. If you’re religious and you feel like I just called you out, that’s your guilty conscience talking to you. Now that you’ve identified yourself, allow me to join the conversation by pointing out just how phony you are:

In order for any of the imaginary depictions of Heaven to be in line with reality, access to excessive sensual pleasures and luxury must be meant to evoke the feeling of freedom from material need. The best way to conjure up the feeling associated with no hunger would be an abundance of food with no possibility of getting full so that you may continue to please your taste buds. To eliminate any thirst, there is also an abundance of drink that gives you a buzz without the sickening feeling of drunkenness or hangover. For no discomfort you have fluffy fancy couches or clouds. The list goes on and on. You name a natural desire, there is some figurative way of explaining the absence of that urge through material means.

Instead of worshipping God, those of you who have taken what was meant to be figurative literally thought you could trade with God as if you have something to offer the Creator of all. Even though you claim to have faith, everything you believe about God and Heaven are material and imaginable. While you may have fooled yourself into believing you are not carnal minded, you have not fooled God.

We are not employees laboring for God with Heaven as a wage. God has no vested interest in what we do. Heaven and Hell are opposite perspectives of the same reality that awaits all who lived. Any labor we do is to prepare for that reality to be heavenly.

It is within your power to make it happen, too. The material depictions of Heaven don’t come close to the reality. It’s not just because the material is superficial while the soul is deep. It’s also because harping on the freedom from material need misses out on all that no negative includes: there is no pain, no fear, no stress, no confusion, and no concern for the future because there isn’t one. For those who truly worship God, the joy of Heaven is ever-lasting.

Yes, the soul is deeper and more intense than the material, too. Just think about it like this: we can accept or reject the information from our bodies, even when it’s true, because sensory perception is fallible. What we sense can be misleading, can get distorted, and can be overlooked or ignored. Without that body though, that which wants and appreciates within us will be with the Perfect Reality.

We will be in God’s presence, so there is no room for doubt or speculation. The soul will be naked, like an exposed nerve. Whether it’s torment or bliss, the feeling would have to be more real and more intense than anything we could imagine.

An abundance of food and drink without getting full or drunk seems too cheap, petty, basic, or common to compare to Heaven. There are way too many things that excites or dull the senses for people to be impressed with not missing a meal as Heaven.

If I were to try and depict Heaven physically in order to give you an idea of what it must be like, I would really have to get carnal, debauched, and amusement-minded. In describing Heaven, it can’t be about what I like or what most people like. It must be about what you like. There are five senses to excite and more urges to satisfy than hunger.

So just imagine, if you will, all your bills are paid forever. You are relaxing in the most comfortable position possible on cushions that feel as light as air. You are experiencing the high or buzz that you like, and it is more intense than usual without any of what you consider to be a downside. You’re in a constant orgasmic state. You can always and only see whatever tickles your fancy or pleases you, while listening to whatever is your favorite music. Sounds great, right? Throw in an abundance of food and drink, and it still ain’t as good as Heaven.

I understand we are material beings living in a material environment, but what we desire runs deeper than material needs. What we truly seek is peace and harmony with our reality. The body is a double-edged sword. It disturbs your peace with concerns for survival, comfort, and sensual pleasure, but it helps you achieve harmony by allowing you to act in a way that gains temporary satisfaction. It’s the struggle that is life.

The only way to gain total satisfaction permanently is to be free of the flesh without any time for change. That event will definitely take place. Don’t ruin it by wishing for what was never good enough in the first place. With God is Heaven or Hell.