Chapter 6

God and Perspective

So now what? Are you ready to accept the truth, or are you waiting for me to adequately explain how you can apply this information to your life before you take heed? That wouldn’t make sense. Everything I’ve said so far is objective, logically sound, and irrefutable.

The only point I can’t intellectually prove is how aware we will be in our final moment. It is not because there is any doubt in the awareness of the soul. You can’t want or appreciate what you’re unaware of, and the mind couldn’t tell the soul anything unless it had some way of receiving that information.

The issue is our ignorance about what happens with our soul from the time we die until we return to God. We’ve all heard multiple theories on what happens after we die. Some are more reasonable sounding than others, but I don’t have the knowledge to completely rule any of them out.

It makes a difference because, if we keep getting redoes until the end of time, your values now will not likely be your values later…and that’s if we stay in our lanes. If we move up and down the evolutionary ladder, does the material awareness of the being affect the spiritual awareness of the soul in that return? I honestly don’t know.

I’ve always assumed that we get one chance and we should make the most of it, but assumptions and rational conclusions are not the same thing. Assumptions are conclusions drawn in ignorance, so they are not always rational. The rational conclusion is: what happens next shouldn’t matter.

Knowing God is to reality what zero is to math and with God is Heaven or Hell can help us make the most out of whatever we are aware of with the same change in perspective, immediately. Preparing for a heavenly end of individual existence keeps you from manufacturing hells on earth for yourself by eliminating the tendency to overestimate the impact external things have on your emotional well-being, hold onto things that are bad for you, or hold on to the good too long after it’s gone.

The thing about reality is it doesn’t need you to witness it or believe it in order for it to be true. It is what it is whether you believe it or not. If you accept this fact and adopt an attitude that addresses reality as it is instead of deluding yourself through a perception is reality mentality, there isn’t much else you need to hear from me.

You have all the information to make the most out of your existence at your disposal. Anything else I say is just my advice or opinion. Sound advice and a logical opinion it may be, but what works for me doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for everyone else, and only you can decide what works for you.

I hope you’re not expecting me to tell you how you’re supposed to live your life in order to prove I’m right about things you cannot logically refute. There are way too many exceptional people and delusional folks who don’t even know themselves for me to try to generalize what’s good for all. I can generalize how being prepared for a heavenly end can better this, the only life we do know, whether we are aware in the end or not.

Of all future events that can take place in a person’s life, the only one that’s guaranteed is death, the worst thing that can happen to any mortal. If you have prepared for a heavenly end, then the most dreaded and feared event that will happen to us all is the only way you will ever find complete and permanent satisfaction.

Being prepared for the worst makes all other less-significant troubles more manageable and easier to endure. It’s like the person who is in shape: they can handle the physical exertion life demands better than the person that’s out of shape because they are prepared for worse than what life typically demands.

If you’ve prepared yourself for a heavenly end, then you wouldn’t look for the good things in life to be anything more than what they are. Whatever can be acquired or experienced in life can never be your key to happiness because you must always be prepared to let go. Things become more pleasing when your expectations aren’t unreasonable or impossible to meet.

Relax. Loosen up. Even the most serious things aren’t that serious. Putting all that extra pressure on yourself and things that can’t handle it hinders the enjoyment you seek.

If you’ve prepared yourself for a heavenly end, then you would know and understand that belief in God is not a pacifier for when times are tough. Life is the pacifier that sustains you until it is time to return to God.

None of the good things in life can satisfy you completely or permanently, but they can keep you fed, out of the elements, comfortable, and entertained enough to hold you over while you focus on what your soul truly hungers for. With your key to happiness out of reach, how upset could you or should you be when less significant things are not at your disposal?

If you’ve prepared yourself for a heavenly end, then you would know all pain that isn’t material is self-inflicted. Think about it. All emotional pain comes from not having access to someone or something you want. Whether you had it and lost it, or it was denied to you all along makes no difference. What does make a difference is the attitude and perspective that makes a bad situation worse.

Of course, loss can be unpleasant. What makes it painful is feeling like somehow you’re being treated unfairly by reality. If you are either unable or unwilling to change a situation, you have no choice but to accept it. No solution, remedy, or adjustment is possible while you reject what cannot be changed. The person who is prepared for a heavenly end is always prepared to accept reality and will let go of anything that threatens the peace and harmony between them and reality.

All that is not to say those who are prepared for a heavenly end won’t ever be troubled. It will happen because we are forgetful and can get caught up in the moment at times. Once we realize what we’re doing to ourselves, it is in our power to stop, recognize everything is absolute, and see how the hardship can improve or strengthen us.

Extreme situations can make it harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but seeing the light is never impossible. Preparing for Heaven is not a cure all in the sense that there won’t be any times of hardship. It does diminish the threat or impact of the bad, which amplifies your ability to enjoy the good. It can also help you avoid trouble altogether.

Besides, we all love what we believe is beneficial to us, and what we have affection for gets prioritized. At the top of your list is your god, what you worship. What can be a better choice for a personal deity than the Creator of all you can ever witness, imagine, or experience?

Anyone or anything that can be encountered, acquired, or experienced in life can also be lost, stolen, destroyed, depleted, or killed. Surely, if you stake your emotional well-being in any of these things, you will be constantly setting yourself up for pain and disappointment.

Anything illogical or fictitious needs you to ignore reason, common sense, or basic comprehension of reality in order to believe it exists or think it is valuable. While worshipping anything that fits in this category could possibly help you cope with some hardship, it does so through delusions and lies. Who can really enjoy a life they have to lie their way through? How can you truly enjoy life by ignoring it?

Only worshipping God allows you to face reality and cope with whatever hardships life throws your way. Belief that God is to reality what zero is to math requires an objective outlook on reality. Appreciating the fact that with God is Heaven or Hell allows the worst mortal event to happen to the living and the only sure thing to happen in life, death, to be the greatest blessing possible. Recognizing the Absoluteness of God and the absolute value of everything God created gives the power of a positive perspective in any situation. You should worship God if you want to make the best out of your existence. Anything else makes you a glutton for punishment.